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A one week workshop (as done at RopeRetreat 2019)


How rope tension is care and love (even with pain), with progressivity. In this proposition, every level is possible. It is not a pattern kind of workshop, but a interest in research, from who we are to where we want to go with someone else. I am aware with nudity and sexuality is possible if every student is ok with that, but it is not the purpose itself. Knowing well the partner is a very good “plus”.

Needs : 8 to 12 ropes, single ply, 7 to 8 meters. Tenuguis. Some small ropes. BDSM accessories like nippers, wheels or whatever you want to play with.

We will investigate different approaches of tension in rope to deal with feelings, and work on empathy and reading reactions. Easy technical stuffs to put more attention on communication. Accent on models feedback. Work with one to three ropes, without patterns. Just connection, and elaborate “which game we play ?”

This day is about taking control of the person : body, breath, movement, intentions. We will work on movement with ropes, from cuddle to dance, listening the body and reactions and create a scene in a D/S purpose. We will pay attention to timing, rythm, distance, roles, control, emotions, surrender.

Doing the portrait of this particular moment with this particular person. How to create a scene to expose and developp relationship. It is about creating a story, with different chapters, from movement to immobility. Semi-suspension : using lines at parts of the story. How to grow on tension in a narrative way. We’ll also work on bondage for pictures.

The rope scene in semi or suspension. Using TK, lacing, torsion. The right intention at the right moment and right space. How doing a TK with lots of connections. Each gesture is a part of the story. With these tools we will go to semenawa : an escort to surrender. How we can use endorphins. What relationship between sensations and emotions in ropes and aesthetics ?

A whishworkshop. What you want to explore after this path. Trees ? Movement ? More semenawa ?

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